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101vagina asked: Hey, love your work :) Though 101 Vagina is not specifically about pubic hair, lot's of women in the book are unshaven. It's touring the USA & Canada this year starting in LA in April!

You go, girl! Where can I find a copy?

tribal-love asked: Your photography gives me goosebumps. Radical.

Lesbians Helping Other Lesbians Pick Out Strap Ons

adarkcomedy asked: Your work is sticky delicious! Thank you for your boldness wrapped in bundles of fuzzy fun and humor. My taste buds are seemingly satisfied. :) If you were a spice or flavor, what would it be?

zenman1550 asked: Are you the ocean...or the waves?


©Rhiannon Schneiderman

©Rhiannon Schneiderman

missourigator asked: Hello. I ran across your site yesterday and I must say it's very, very nice. I love your natural expression, your honesty and your forthcoming. I'm gay, but I also think natural, hairy women are very attractive and I can certainly appreciate that. I also love nudity and enjoy that whole feeling. Thanks for a great blog / site! Have a great day. Marcellus

I think hairy women are attractive, too. Thanks for the love.

reypunk asked: Your work is amazing

Thanks dudes

flac23 asked: I love your work! From Fuerteventura. Spain!

¡Mucho gusto!


#birdpoop #nofilter

#birdpoop #nofilter

Photographer Makes a Bold Statement about Beauty and Grooming in 'Lady Manes' (NSFW)

Thanks for promoting my pubes, Feature Shoot!

#JERRYRHODEKARL ©Rhiannon Schneiderman Photography

#JERRYRHODEKARL ©Rhiannon Schneiderman Photography

My super dreamy wife. ©Rhiannon Schneiderman Photography

My super dreamy wife. ©Rhiannon Schneiderman Photography